Am I allowed to copy the digital goods you sell for my friends?

FBI Warning

Our partners retain ownership of all the software, music and videos we sell. When you purchase digital goods, you are actually purchasing a "single-use license" to use the software. As will any other software, music or videos you may "purchase" from other companies, you actually do not become the owner of the digital goods themselves, but receive the license or right to use them. You may indeed make a personal backup copy. However you may not copy any of our software for others. This is piracy.


On the other hand, you may wish to permanently transfer the license and digital goods to your friend as a gift, and relinquish your own ownership of the "single-use license." Before the transfer, your friend must agree that this license agreement applies to the transfer and use of the digital goods. As the original user, you must uninstall or delete your copy of the digital goods after transferring it; you may not retain any copies or backups.

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