Will my credit card information be secure?

Our security technologies

We are continually assessing our technology to ensure we provide the best security for you.

To keep your information secure, we safeguard our systems in the following ways:

Anti-virus protection stops threats before they reach our computer network.

Firewalls prevent unauthorised access to our network.

Secure transmissions maintain confidential information. Encryption technology such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is utilised when sending information between you and Ministry Ideaz. Security is achieved through:

Authentication to establish the validity of a transmission; this prevents another computer from impersonating our website.

Encryption to scramble transmitted data over the Internet.

Data integrity to verify that information sent to us has not been altered during the transmission process.

​Additional online security features:

Online security features

Automatic time out period: We recommend that you not leave your computer unattended when logged into our website. However, after a period of inactivity we will automatically log you out to reduce the risk of anyone else accessing your account information on your computer.

Lockout: To prevent someone from trying to guess your Password, access to our website will be blocked after a number of unsuccessful logon attempts.

Using your credit card at our web store is safer than using it at a restaurant or gas station.

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