Will I be charged duty and import tax?

Duty and import tax

We have no control over import taxes, as this is up to each country's customs policies. Experience has taught us that orders sent via courier (such as UPS) have a much higher chance of being charged this tax.  If customs do charge these fees it is approximately 30% of the total you paid including shipping costs.  

The only exceptions we have found to this are on orders shipped to the United States and on international orders shipped with standard mail.  Packages shipped to the US are hardly ever charged these taxes, and orders sent with standard mail have a much lower chance of being charged, maybe once in 500 orders. 

Please take this information into consideration when you place your order, especially when shipping outside of the United States.  Any duty or import taxes incurred are the responsibility of you, the recipient, and not of Ministry Ideaz.

Remember that we ship out of Ecuador, and since we are exporting we DO NOT charge either the 12% Ecuadorian VAT tax, nor do we charge you the local taxes from your country. In this area, you are saving costs.

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