If I order today, when can I expect to receive my order?

We ship with Ecuador post and DHL

We ship from Ecuador. Shipping time takes between 4 business days to about one month, depending on the shipping method you choose.

When you receive your order also depends on the availability of the product(s), time to process and package your order (2-5 business days) and where the product is being shipped to. Please see our shipping times below. In the rare event that there will be a longer delay (for example, if an item is temporarily out of stock), we will contact you to advise.

  1. Free Standard Shipping - 21-32 days (Available only on qualifying orders, no tracking available)
  2. Standard International Shipping - 21-32 days (no tracking available)
  3. DHL Global Mail International - 21-32 days (click here to track)
  4. DHL Global Mail to Canada - 21-32 days (click here to track)
  5. Certified ECU Post - 18-32 days (click here to track)
  6. Express Mail Shipping ECU - 8-16 days (click here to track)
  7. DHL Global Mail to USA - 8-16 days  (click here to track)
  8. UPS Courier - 4-6 business days (click here to track)
  9. DHL Courier - 4 business days (6 days to certain countries)  (click here to track)

In the unusual event that your order isn’t received by that time, please contact us.

Mail carrier

*Delivery times stated are approximate and for items showing a status of "In Stock." Shipping times are not guaranteed. Shipping may take longer to certain countries.


*An important note for U.S. residents: With more and more anti-terrorism measures and extensive border control checks being taken by USPS, US Customs, and the Department of Homeland Security, packages have recently been known to have much greater delays than they used to. The only thing we can do is to kindly request your patience.

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