How can I track my order?

Tracking and tracing are available depending on the shipping method you chose. Please note that if your local postal authority does not have the data updated yet, you may get an error.

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Shipping methods and tracking availability:

  1. Free Standard Shipping - 8-16 days (Available only on qualifying orders)
  2. Standard Shipping to USA - 8-16 days  (click here to track)
  3. Standard Shipping to Canada - 21-32 days (click here to track)
  4. Express Shipping to Canada - 8-16 days (click here to track)
  5. Certified ECU Post - 18-32 days (click here to track)
  6. Express Mail Shipping ECU - 8-16 days (click here to track)
  7. UPS Courier - 4-6 business days (click here to track)

Please check your shipping confirmation email for the tracking number itself.

*AN IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING TRACING REGISTERED PARCELS: If your order was shipped with "international certified post," there is only limited tracking available. Although the post office gives you a "registered number" or "delivery confirmation number" it is not the same kind of tracking that you might be used to with DHL. It's actually only a delivery confirmation showing when it was delivered. Therefore, this "tracking" information is not usually updated until it arrives at the destination. In our experience, the only data that will often show is: "We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece" and when the package finally gets delivered it is updated to "package delivered." (More details)

For more information on delivery times, please click here.


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