What do I do if my order doesn't arrive when expected?

First of all, please click here to see what shipping method you chose when placing the order.

  1. Free Standard Shipping - 21-32 days (Available only on qualifying orders, no tracking available)
  2. Standard International Shipping - 21-32 days (no tracking available)
  3. DHL Global Mail International - 21-32 days (click here to track)
  4. DHL Global Mail to Canada - 21-32 days (click here to track)
  5. Certified ECU Post - 18-32 days (click here to track)
  6. Express Mail Shipping ECU - 8-16 days (click here to track)
  7. DHL Global Mail to USA - 8-16 days  (click here to track)
  8. DHL Courier - guaranteed 4 business days (6 days to certain countries)  (click here to track)

For more information about delivery times, click here. If you do not receive your entire order in the timeframe mentioned, contact us so that we can reship it for you.
Where's my stuff

Remember that your order is arriving from overseas. With more and more anti-terrorism measures and extensive border control checks being taken by USPS, US Customs, and the Department of Homeland Security, packages have recently been known to have much greater delays than they used to. Unfortunately we have no control over this situation. The only thing we can do is to kindly request your patience.


Signing for your order:
Important: If you chose Certified ECU Post, Express Mail Shipping ECU, or DHL Courier for shipping, you will likely have to sign for your package. Therefore, if you are not generally home when the postal carrier comes please watch for a slip regarding a package from Ecuador from MinistryIdeaz.com.
Our experience has shown that these slips can get mixed in with flyers and missed. When this happens and the customer doesn't go to pick up the package, it ends up returning to us as unclaimed. Most carriers will only hold packages for 7-14 days before returning it to sender. We cannot be held responsible for unclaimed packages which are returned to us.

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