Does Ministry Ideaz use "cookies"?

​Our shopping cart feature requires us to use cookies for your convenience. Therefore, your Internet browser must be set up to use "first-party" cookies, ("third-party" cookies are not used). First-party cookies are created by the Ministry Ideaz website and are necessary to keep track of the things you are adding to the electronic shopping cart. This is the way your computer will be able to communicate with our server, and our server won't mix you up with other clients ordering other items at the same time: “We give you a data packet, you give us back a cookie.” You can compare this to the claim check you get from a dry-cleaning shop; the only thing it's useful for is to relate a later transaction to this one (so you get the same clothes back). To change cookie settings, look for the cookie options in your browser in the Options or Preferences menu.

Browser cookies

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