Isn't it wrong to use spiritual contacts for business purposes?


We offer many products for Witnesses, but have non-Witness customers as well (especially for our briefcases). Granted, the bulk of our customers are indeed Jehovah's Witnesses. We even regularly get orders form bethelites, Circuit Overseers and District Overseers; as an example, see the photograph on page 2 of the August 2010 Awake!.

Regarding the question about using spiritual contacts for business purposes, we have a very strict policy to not ever actively market to the brothers anywhere. We do not ever sell anything at the Kingdom Halls. People only find out about us because they have actively searched for our products online. Likely that is how you, dear reader, also found us. Our help sections and our printed catalog also advise our customers against soliciting orders at the Kingdom Hall and other congregation gatherings. The local branch of Jehovah's Witnesses is indeed aware of our business and has not made any objections to it. 

Interestingly, although Ministry Ideaz is relatively new, our business is certainly not unprecedented. The following companies also specialize in products for Jehovah's Witnesses. Some have been in business for several decades:

  • Stoops Manufacturing:
  • Vandenburg:
  • Artistic Designs:
  • C&H Bookbinding:
  • Krispens:
  • McKenna Book Covers:
  • and others
If you were to Google "Ministry Supplies for Jehovah's Witnesses" you would find several more.


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