Will I need to sign for my order?

You may need to sign for your order

For some of our shipping options (such as U.P.S. Courier) someone may have to be present to sign for your package. Therefore, if you are not generally home when the postal carrier comes, please watch for a slip regarding a package from Ecuador from MinistryIdeaz.com and sign up for tracking alerts on the webpage you track your package at.

Our experience has shown that these slips can get mixed in with flyers and missed, or stuck to a door and the wind blows it away. When this happens, the customer doesn't go to the postal or courier office and the package ends up returning to us as unclaimed. Most centers will only hold mail or packages for 7-14 days before returning it to sender. We cannot be held responsible for unclaimed packages which are returned to us, so please ensure that you sign up for shipping notifications so you can receive an email or text message with updates on your package.

If you neglected to go and sign for your package and it was returned to us, you would have to repay the shipping cost to have the order reshipped back to you.

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