Why is my credit card being declined?

Credit Card Declined

Sometimes, when we try to process your payment, the credit card gets declined.  This happens with some of our customers when the bank has a security feature where all out of country transactions require direct authorization from the customer. (Our administrative office is in Canada.) Usually, all you have to do, is simply contact your bank and let them know you plan to do an international purchase online. Then they can lift the hold for a day or so. (You're bank's phone number is on the back of your credit card.)


Some common reasons why your card may have been declined:

  1. You are trying to make an international purchase (our bank is in Canada).
  2. Your purchase triggered fraud protection.
  3. You've reached your credit limit.
  4. Information you entered doesn't match your records.
  5. You've missed a credit card payment.
  6. Your card has expired.

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