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About Ministry Ideaz

About Ministryideaz.com

The People Behind the Company
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A family owned and operated business

Welcome and thank you for taking a few minutes to get to know us! Additionally, please come by our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter: @ministryideaz

How We Started (or “The day of small beginnings”)


Back in 1993, we moved from Canada to serve where the need for Kingdom proclaimers was greater in Ecuador, South America. After funds ran out in 1999, frequent "work trips" back and forth to Canada were necessary to keep bread on the table. Eventually we decided to try and find a better solution which would allow us to stay put in our assignment. Therefore in 2002, we decided to try selling the excellent leather hand crafted products for the friends to use back home, and in the States. ​Originally, we sold exclusively on eBay. We packaged the products on the dining room table of our home, and drove them down to the post office in our little Chevy hatchback.


Business came slow at first, but within a few months sales started to pick up. With eCommerce becoming an affordable sales platform, we came up with the idea to start up our own website in 2003. MinistryIdeaz.com was born!

Who We Are & What We Do


Today, MinistryIdeaz.com is still owned and operated by us out of Quito, Ecuador. We now employ several fellow Witnesses to help us with our work. Most of them only work with us part-time, dedicating the rest of their time to the full-time ministry. Countless hours of hard work and determination have helped us to become one of the leading companies offering quality hand-crafted items for use in the ministry. We now ship to over 180 countries all over the world.

During our "small beginnings" we offered exclusively beautiful book and Bible covers in leather and leatherette. Over the years, (based on your requests) the selection has expanded greatly. Today we offer high-quality ministry bags to hold your ministry supplies. Our briefcases and meeting cases are designed for every age, from adult to toddler. We have an assortment of all-purpose leather bags for grownups, while the kids love the adorable leatherette toddler’s briefcase in black or the lovely little girl’s leatherette briefcase in several pastel colors. We provide leather meeting organizers for tablets. We also carry a fine selection of software, music, Bible games, videos, and other supplies useful for Jehovah’s Witnesses in our ministry and worship. Some other items we offer are bookmarks, calendars, notebooks, and binders; and there are plenty of special items designed just for kids. We provide a number of meeting supplies in Spanish and French as well!


In a market that is often crowded with knockoffs and subpar products, we provide guaranteed first-class luxury items to make sure you are getting a 100% authentic product with the most helpful customer service available.

Our Guarantee and Service


We take great pride in our products and our special team that provides them. In fact, we offer 100% cash back guarantee for any customer who is unsatisfied with the quality of their purchase. We are in constant communication with our customers on chat, email and phone and we will do whatever is in our power to ensure that our customers have a positive shopping experience with us. Click here for more details regarding our money-back guarantee.

We take the relationship that we have with our customers seriously and we never deviate from our goal to deliver the best customer service online or anywhere else. We worked hard to earn a reputation in customer service excellence and dependability.

If you need help, please call us direct at 1-877-446-0784 or email us. Please visit our blog, our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter: @ministryideaz. We love to hear from our customers, so please feel free to let us know if you have questions, comments or issues of any kind.​
Serving where the need is greater in Ecuador

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