I ordered two of the same handmade products, but they aren't exactly the same. Why is there a variation?

As our items are handmade and each piece is unique, some details and accessories of your product may vary slightly from the illustrations on the website. Nevertheless, the function of the product will always remain the same. 

If you have ordered a second product (or if a friend or family member has purchased a similar item from us), and there is a slight variation in the materials or design, please accept this as what makes your piece unique and not as a defect. These variances are subject to change based on the availability of materials at the time your product was handcrafted, so we cannot offer specific details about your item on a special request basis.

Please remember that we are REAL people working here and that we put A LOT of hard labor into the products we send. See the video below with regards to how we handcraft our products. As you will see they are not mass-produced on machines, and this is why no two products are ever alike.  We know that you will enjoy reading about just some of the benefits of buying handmade products.
Of course, if you have received a defective product please, by all means, let us know so we can work to resolve that.


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