How do I clean my fabric product?

Your Ministry Ideaz products made with synthetic polyester blend fabrics are easy to clean. You can clean your ministry bag to restore its original appearance should it become stained, soiled or dingy. To maintain the shape and appearance of your bag, wash by hand. For stubborn stains, take your ministry bag to a drycleaner for professional cleaning.


1: Use a damp, white microfiber cloth and wipe the entire surface of the bag.


2. Spot clean areas that require extra cleaning

For tough stains, spray the spot with alcohol and scrub gently in a circular motion with a cotton cloth or soft nail brush. The alcohol dries quickly and won't spot. Beware of spraying too much solvent, and avoid saturating the fabric. You can use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Gin or vodka work fine too (no sampling!).

3. Let your ministry bag dry

You can speed up the process by giving it a blast with the hair dryer, set on low.

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