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Leopoldo book

I tried downloading book onto my iPad last evening, I believe paid for it as well but it did not download. What to do

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Availability of Convention notetakers

Hello! Are the 2018 Convention notetakers still in Stock?

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Shiping cost

I just order $10 worth of stuff, thats it and my shiping is $15 this makez me not want to buy the items why is it so much and i should receive items the next day for this shiping price its very discouraging.

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Pioneer School gifts

With Jehovah's help I am getting ready to go back to Regular Pioneer School. I was hoping to find something particularly designed for PS gift giving....will you be offering anything for this occasion?

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Caleb and Sophia Butterfly pens

How do they work? Unable to assemble it? HELP I’d like to give it as a gift

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Where is the Return Visit Record Keeper?

I noticed you have the Return Visit Keeper refills but where is the small binder to keep return visit records? Are you out of stock? AS you know, a need for record keeping is very important in service.

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Childrens Convention notebooks

Hi I wanted to order the adult and children's notebook together as we have our convention coming up June 14-16th, buy it states on tht children's notebook that it "will be held for until a later ...

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How do I obtain an RMA for a return I have to make as soon as possible before 60 days run out?

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Need paper for 6 hope return visit book. Is this possible to obtain from you since I purchased the book from you. Thanks So Much

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My Oder is $58.45 , when I choose a shipping it is 135.89 does this means on top of my Oder have to pay shipping 135.89 + 58.45= 194.34 ?

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