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Leopoldo book

I tried downloading book onto my iPad last evening, I believe paid for it as well but it did not download. What to do

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I order return visit book But I accidentally ordered two I just want one How do I change order

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How to order different language items on same order form?

Placing order in English but want items in French as well! How to place order with both languages? Thank you, LaWanda

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Magazine organizer

I see some of these have God’s name in Hebrew but others don’t How can I make sure I order the one with it and does it cost more

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When I looked at the Folders, like the Basics' Sevice Folio< I saw that it has metal corners. Are these corners rounded or pointy? Reason I asked is because I had a pointy one and it did considerable d...

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2019 weekly agenda and diary

Will you be doing the Theocratic weekly agenda and diary for the 2019 service year?

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Product languages

Do you have any products in spanish language?? If so how can i view them?

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New calendars for 2019

Are the pocket calendars the same size as previous years and is the format the same as or is it now a flip up format? Also, would a cover from previous year fit this calendar?

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Board Games -English

Why isn't the English language a choice when purchasing both board games? Do you have some available in English? This is the 2nd time I've tried to order them. Also I couldn't get email to work. ...

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Name badge card holders

What do you offer with reguards to Convention card holders. List all items please with pics. Thank you

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