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Leopoldo book

I tried downloading book onto my iPad last evening, I believe paid for it as well but it did not download. What to do

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You didn't apply discount

Why wasn't the discount applied to my order I typed in FLASH50 as required?

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2017 3 in 1 pen

The option button to purchase single pens is not there. Will it be fixed today for the half off sale?

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2017 pen/stylus/ highlighter

Can I order just 1 pink pen ? There was no option to order just one. Thank you!

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New Products

Do you have anything new that commemorates the updated teaching of overlapping generations? I'm just so excited that it is my generation rather than the generation of 1914 that is going to be the generatio...

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rest password

dont know how to copy and paste

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Phillip pouch

Do you have any products like the phillip pouch but that would hold a 10.1 in. tablet?

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Convention Notebook 2017

I live in Louisville, Kentucky. If I ordered today, will I receive the notebook by the time of our convention June 9, 2017?

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Hello I am looking for an umbrella, like the 'best life ever' umbrella,, but it has ' don't give up on it instead, do yousell these? Thank you Regards Pam

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Will I get my note book before May 26 my convention is tht day n can I put my name on it ty sister Pospeshil

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