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Caleb and Sophia stickers

Do you know where I can get stickers for young children, like Caleb and Sophia, bibles, best life ever, pioneering, etc? Thank you

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what is your physical address. I would like to visit.

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As you moved to serve where the need was greater, do you still pioneer?

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With respect, doesn't your business conflict with Bible principles, namely that "You received free, give free" and "We are not peddlers of the word." Didn't Jesus expel merchants f...

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requesting to place my orders-not able to continue on-line Requesting assistance

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Did jesus not say : “It is written, ‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’+ but you are making it a cave of robbers.” how can you use religion to get money and use conventions for discount special offer....

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Product prices

Some of your products are ridiculously too high, as Christians we want to try to make items affordable to our brothers and sisters. 334.00 for a field service bag!!? Too much. Even if it's real leather th...

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2017 notetaker for public talk and workbook

How soon can I order 2017 products? The Friends in the Douglas, GA love them! I like to give them as gifts.

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How I could get a brochures to mail me and more could you send me one please. Thank you

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Cancelling Orders

I would like to cancel a recent order however when I call no one picks up or I get put on hold and then the call gets dropped

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