why when i apply the coupon CU19DCGR-P

your system does not calculate when I apply this above code. 22@$3.50 = $77. please explain and I will place my order.

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i woud lik to recieve about 15 coloring books?

I would the children in my hall to recive coloring books like them to learn who the people in the bible are .such as the aposles but I cant afford to much.

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Coupon '2019'

What is wrong with your coupon '2019'? It doesn't work when applied in the shopping cart. Why?

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Be Bold Stylus Pen

I purchased 10 pens which qualified for bulk discount of 3.49 each, but discount was not applied at checkout.

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I saw the answer you gave the individual that asked the same question as I did about why the items were still on the website. You told her that it was because the items sold so fast. It is now April and they ...

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Discounts on convention notebooks

Can the 20+ discount be used with a combination of English and Spanish notebooks?

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Bible Cover Liquidation 80% Off

I tried to select the pocket-size zipper Bible cover with wavy design for my order tonight but there was no colour selection showing, therefore I couldn't add it to my order. Has this been sold out alread...

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do you have every occasion cards in bulk 63% discount in spanish

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Discounted items

I recently placed an order and I wanted to order some of the same things again but i don't see the 50% code. I wasn't sure what my order would look like so I only ordered one. Now I want moment becaus...

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15% Off All Orders Ends 07/31/2017 Get Code But when am placing my order this is what it saying. Coupon code "SAVE15" is not valid. The coupon expired on 07/11/2017 11:59:59 PM CDT.

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