Your phone number.

All I want is a phone number to call directly for my order! Is it 877 446 0784 My grandson is getting baptized April 23 and I'm trying to get an order before then!

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I don't know how to bring up the coupons I would like to take advantage of. Please tell me how to get the coupon #. Thank you

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Special pioneer

Why the need for every name of who is going to use it? Seems a little odd

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This is my second order. The first order a code came up after the amount of items I ordered. It a happened again as I was ordering. I did not ask for a discount the message came up at the bottom. In this...

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Easy on Budget Cleat Wt and Tract holder

Hi there! I attempted to order this holder but although it was $12.99, with other charges it amounts to $18.95. Just to let you know, I put it in my wish list until the covers for Sing Joyfully song book are re...

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I forgot to apply the discount code

I just submitted my order 24731507. I , too, forgot to apply the FIVE OFF discount that I am eligible for , that was posted at the bottom of my page . Can I make the adjustment ?

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i keep having problems with your order page i just refferd you to my daughter in fl, and when i went o sign in it went away only reviews came up , why is that , and how can i get crdit for refferals , on soci...

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How do i get my code number

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New Cover for Song Book

I would like to know how can I order the new song book covers at the discount price if they are not in stock?

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