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Product prices

Belinda crawford — Dec 27, 2016 08:34AM CST

Some of your products are ridiculously too high, as Christians we want to try to make items affordable to our brothers and sisters. 334.00 for a field service bag!!? Too much. Even if it's real leather they have bags that are real leather cheaper at macy' s. I think I'm going to write the society and ask some questions about this, something is not right.

3 Community Answers

Del - Dec 29, 2016 at 12:40AM CST

Ministry Ideaz Agent

Thank you for writing. We appreciate your candid remarks. No one has to purchase from us, it is their personal decision. We do not market to the brothers within our congregations. We have a very strict policy not to do that because we would not want anyone to feel obligated to order from us.

Please keep in mind when you compare our products to other retailers that it is subjective as we are one of very few that hand make our products with such high quality materials. Of course you are certainly welcome to shop for your field service bag at Macy’s or at any other store, that is entirely up to you. But you will likely not find at Macy’s something that is made specifically with our ministry in mind, allowing you to have everything you need for service at your fingertips. We also have quality products to suit any budget, not just the high end Italian leather products.We have something for everybody. (Incidentally, I actually can’t find a bag in our store with as high a price as you mentioned, $334. I don’t know what product you are referring to with that price.)

You are welcome to write to the society if you want to. They are aware of our store (and many others like it) and have no objections to it. Their main concern is providing our life saving spiritual food not where we purchase our service bag to hold the publications we use to spread the good news which is the most important work there is. :)

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Rose Medina-Brown - Mar 19, 2017 at 12:28AM CDT

I am wondering about your pricing as well. Last year I ordered a service folio leatherette, it cost $39.99. I wanted to order 2 more as gifts but noticed the price has increased by $20.00 . I understand materials going up but $20.00 seems extreme?????

rated : 1 Up Down - Mar 20, 2017 at 12:42PM CDT

Ministry Ideaz Agent

I’m more than happy to respond to your inquiry about our recent price increase.

For the last three years we have charged the same prices on all of our products. Our recent price increase allows us to guarantee that the top-notch quality of our products shall not be compromised in any way, as costs of raw materials and labor in the market today continue to increase.

Other companies mass produce their products on machines, turning them out by the hundreds. Ours are each individually handcrafted on high quality equipment. For example, just to make one Bible cover takes about 1 hour of labor. (Please see the following video to view first-hand how a Bible cover is handcrafted: ) When you compare the mass production of products to that of our company where the craftsman sits for up to an hour to make just one Bible cover, I’m confident you will find that our handcrafted products are superior in quality and craftsmanship. The same holds true for all our other products as well.

I hope this information has been helpful, Belinda.

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