We use only the finest genuine top-grade cowhide obtainable. Each hide is carefully inspected to make sure there are minimum scars and flaws which occur naturally in all leather. Leather colors and textures may vary slightly. Our leather covers often outlast the life span of the books they cover. Since leather is animal skin and not manmade, evidence of some minor creases or markings may be evident. This adds to the beauty of leather and confirms that it is genuine. Please do not misconstrue these natural markings as imperfections.

We do not use "bonded leather"

It is important to distinguish our products from cheaper-quality ‘leather’ products on the market and sold by many of our competitors which are made with “bonded leather.” Bonded leather (or reconstituted leather) is “leather” (legally speaking). It is made with natural leather leftovers and scraps that are bonded back into larger pieces. Basically, the leather straps are all ground up in a mixture with bonding agents, and then spread out into different leather molds to take on the look of snakeskin, alligator skin, and the like. This is a far cry from our leather products which are indeed made with 100% genuine cowhide and not a leather look-alike or bonded leather.

Regarding the leather grades

We have many colors of leather in two grades. The grades are classified as "elegant" and "rustic". Rustic leather offers increased sturdiness, while elegant leather is more delicate but has a more refined appearance. Everyone's taste is different. Some prefer the "rustic", and may think that the "elegant" looks "cheap". On the other hand, many prefer the "elegant look" and would call the "rustic look" "cheap-looking". It's all the point of view.


Color and Texture Variations

Color and texture variations within our acceptable range are normal. This is proof that genuine cowhide leather has been used. With leatherette (i.e. fake leather) it is easy to always have exactly the same tone and texture. However, with genuine leather, this is not possible. We try our best to keep products the same tone and texture, but cannot guarantee this.

Design variations

Please note that as noted above our leather and leatherette products aren’t manufactured by robots. An artisan individually handcrafts each one and no two will ever be exactly alike. The differences in the depth of certain decorations such as the tetragrammaton are normal and not considered a defect.

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