The tetragrammaton decoration comes on all our genuine leather products (with the exception of certain products). If you prefer not to have this feature, please order the imitation leather product, which does not have the decoration.

When we first started doing the Bible covers we did an informal poll. The overwhelming majority preferred the cover with the tetragrammaton. It is not embossed in gold, so it's a very discreet touch, very small (1.4cm x 3cm or 5/8" x 1 1/8"), and in an inconspicuous place.

Since we realized that certain ones might not wish to have this feature, we decided to only put this on our leather covers, and not the imitation leather.

This would still leave the option open. Unfortunately, to keep costs low, we do not have this as an option on leather items. The idea to provide all our products with both options (with the tetragrammaton and without) is something we thought about. However, due to financing and warehousing limitations, it is simply not feasible at this time (i.e.: to have a certain option across all our products, in effect, doubling the inventory).