Ministry Ideaz - Who are we?

We offer products that are useful to Jehovah's Witnesses in their personal lives, at the meetings and in the Christian ministry.

Company History

Jade and Greg Holland are the owners of Ministry Ideaz. They operate it from their current home in Canada. Greg and Jade served as “need-greaters” in Ecuador starting in the mid-1990s. When their savings ran low in 2002, they started marketing locally handcrafted Watchtower holders and leather Bible covers on eBay from their home in Ecuador. Sales were very slow at first, but eventually, they had enough business to open their own online shop and in 2003 was born. In those early days, Greg and Jade would package up the orders in their living room, and drive them down to the local Ecuadorian post office in their Chevy hatchback. Some of their first goods consisted of high-quality Bible covers, and their product offering gradually grew to include service totes, leather briefcases, greeting cards, calendars, notebooks, children’s items, and software. The practical high-quality products and friendly service have won many awards as well as over 35,000 positive online reviews. 

After serving for some 25 years in Ecuador, Greg and Jade returned to Canada in 2018. They continue to manage the Ecuador operation remotely from Canada and have several helpers working both in Canada and in Ecuador.

Everyone at Ministry Ideaz are Jehovah's Witnesses.

“It has been a pleasure serving our customers for over 20 years now. Today we carry a very diverse line of products suitable for all ages. We continue to ship from our warehouse in Ecuador to over 180 countries while keeping our business a manageable size so we and our employees may continue to “seek first the kingdom.” - Matthew 6:33.” - Greg and Jade Holland