So, you received your Transparent Campaign Pouch, or perhaps an Easy Magazine and Tract Holder. You eagerly pull it out of the package. "Wait... where do the magazines go? Is the pouch defective?"

Don't worry. The pocket is there! It's just hiding in plain sight.

During shipment or storage, the clear vinyl may start to cling together. Since the material is already transparent it is hard to detect that there are actually two pieces of vinyl (one for each side of the pocket).

How to open the "missing" pocket

All hope is not lost! Products like the Campaign Pouch and the Easy Holder have colored fabric edging. Each pocket has this edging.

  1. look at the edge where the pocket should open. You should see multiple fabric edges.
  2. Pull these edges away from each other.
  3. Surprise! The clear vinyl should separate revealing a pocket. Continue to separate the clear vinyl. (You may need to slip your hand into the pocket to get the rest of the vinyl separated.)
  4. Insert your magazines/tracts.

After your pouch is in use and your literature is in place, the vinyl will loosen up and will not cling together.

You are not alone in thinking the pocket was missing the first time you took a look. Since the slip pockets are made from transparent vinyl, they are easy to miss. Especially if you have never seen the pouch before.

Other Vinyl Products

If you ordered multiple vinyl products, remember that transparent vinyl is hard to spot. Occasionally, we have a customer who thought a Bible cover was missing from an order, only to discover that two covers were stuck together - the second cover hiding in plain sight.