Ministry Ideaz is a small family-operated business. We employ several brothers and sisters both in Ecuador and in Canada. Many of the folks that work for us are serving as pioneers, elders, or ministerial servants. The owners of Ministry Ideaz and their various employees indeed support their favorite charitable organization. However, that is a private matter and we feel that such an answer should be sufficient.

From time to time, however, we get customers who insist we give a more detailed answer to the question: "Where do your proceeds go?" or "Do you donate some or all of your profit to the Watch Tower Society?"

Certainly, we want to all use our resources in support of the most important work being done on earth. Each of us individually wherever we are and whatever sort of secular work we are doing has the obligation to use our time, energy, and material resources to support the Kingdom work. However, as to specifics of our donating, we find it necessary to quote from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount: "When making gifts of mercy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing." (Matthew 6:3) Therefore, as mentioned above, we feel contributions are something private and we do not advertise them publicly. Imagine if we were to advertise how much we individually donate, or if we touted that if you buy something a certain percentage of all the sales will be donated. We feel very strongly that such advertisements would go contrary to Jesus' words quoted above.

Therefore, in keeping with the principle of Matthew 6:3, we believe it would be inappropriate to publicly announce how much we contribute to the worldwide work of Jehovah's Witnesses, even as no one else is asked to disclose the amount of their donations.