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FAQ about Ministry Ideaz

Are you affiliated with the Watch Tower Society?
No. When we are at work, we do not start with morning worship, nor do we pray at business meetings. At the end of a working day, we do not carry on with our...
Mon, 17 Jan, 2022 at 7:25 PM
Do you give a percentage of your sales to Watch Tower or other charities?
Ministry Ideaz is a small family-operated business. We employ several brothers and sisters both in Ecuador and in Canada. Many of the folks that work for us...
Mon, 17 Jan, 2022 at 7:33 PM
Isn't it wrong to use spiritual contacts for business purposes?
We offer many products for Witnesses but have non-Witness customers as well (especially for our briefcases). Granted, the bulk of our customers are indeed J...
Mon, 17 Jan, 2022 at 7:50 PM
I saw a comment on the Internet that says you are apostates. Is this true?
Emphatically, no! We're so glad you came here to get it "from the horse's mouth." From time to time a certain disgruntled customer or s...
Thu, 2 Jun, 2022 at 3:40 PM
Do you have a "brick and mortar" store where I can shop?
No. Ministry Ideaz does not have a physical storefront. We realize that shopping online has its challenges, and we do our best to help you with your shoppi...
Mon, 7 Feb, 2022 at 4:53 PM
Are you able to give out the personal phone numbers of people who can verify you?
We can understand that you might be apprehensive about purchasing from a company that is new to you. We would love to do business with you, and we hope that...
Mon, 18 Apr, 2022 at 4:43 PM
Somebody told me that Ministry Ideaz owners are disfellowshipped. Is that true?
No. Rumors and gossip abound on social media. We understand that we all want to do things right in Jehovah's eyes and when we hear something negative ...
Thu, 2 Jun, 2022 at 3:42 PM