At the moment we offer a 25% discount for full-time servants in special full-time service, and who have taken a vow of poverty and receive an allowance from the branch. The products ordered must be used specifically by those serving in this capacity. These include special pioneers, bethelites, missionaries, and assembly hall overseers. Unfortunately, we don't have discounts for regular pioneers.

In order to take advantage of this discount, please contact us.

Important: There are some conditions for those who wish to take advantage of this offer:

  1. Order limit of $200 per person (before discount).
  2. Bethelites wishing to take advantage of this offer may get together for a group order. However, we need a list of the names of the individuals benefiting from the offer, and which product(s) each is receiving.
  3. The products ordered must be for the personal use of the one benefiting from it. (For example, a special pioneer may not take advantage of this offer to purchase a gift for someone else.)
  4. The offer does not apply to someone that is not a special full-time servant, purchasing a gift for a special full-time servant.

If you are a regular pioneer, we're happy to say that we have all sorts of discounted products for everybody on our "pick-your-own-price" sale with our sister store, eBay ministry_ideaz. Furthermore, if you sign up for our newsletters, you'll be the first to know about sales, and coupons.