Are you worried that your cover is too tight? Our covers are designed to have a snug fit (like new shoes). The handmade nature of our products means that each cover is unique. Some covers will fit a bit tighter than others. However, this is expected. Please follow our tips and instructions for fitting your new Ministry Ideaz cover.

I had a situation where the book cover was to small. At least I thought it was. But after receiving instructions on how to put the book cover on it worked ! I Immediately texted back ( after I had sent pictures) to thank them. It worked perfectly ! I just didn't know what I was doing.
- Missy (customer review)

Installing your new cover

Please note: although this video shows a Bible cover, the same instructions apply to all covers.

If you are having difficulty installing your cover, please follow these extra steps:

Step 1: Prepare cover

  • If you are installing a cover for a thin book: give the cover a good fold down the spin. This is unnecessary for thicker publications.
  • Insert your fingers inside the two inner pockets. Force your fingertips all the way around the seams inside the pockets. Press the seams to open them up where the glue has seeped over and made it tight. Be sure to go all the way around the three sides of both pockets.

Step 2: Install the back cover only

  • Insert the book's cover into the back only. Make sure it is inserted all the way into the pocket.
Important: since the cover still needs to be broken in, DO NOT insert both book covers at this point. To protect your publication, please do not insert the front cover until step 5.

Step 3: Zip it shut (if you have a cover with a zipper)

  • Work the zipper all around the three sides and get the book snuggled in there. The front has not been inserted yet. For now, just focus on getting the zipper closed around it, with only the back of the book installed.

Step 4: Let it settle overnight

  • Let the cover settle overnight. Put a couple of heavy books on top of the closed cover, and leave it for 24 hours. This will break in the leather. The fit should be much better the next day.

Step 5: Install the front cover

  • Finally, open it up and work on the front cover. Start to slip the front cover into its pocket. As you insert it, slowly close the cover, pressing from the spine outward toward the open or zippered area. Important: do this slowly!
  • Once the book is closed, carefully zip or hold it shut.

Designed to last a lifetime and stay a lifetime

The book covers that we supply are handcrafted with high-quality materials. They are designed to last. Since the materials can loosen over time, these covers are made to fit snugly. Otherwise, the fit would loosen too much over time.

They are not designed to be repeatedly removed and reinstalled on a regular basis. That is not the intent of these covers. It may take a bit of effort to install your cover the first time. However, once it is installed you will not need to constantly repeat this process.

Many customers have remarked on the lasting quality and snug fit of our covers.

"I ordered the cover for the large print Bible and I absolutely love it! The quality is excellent and the snug fit is perfect for this Bible. Now I have a beautiful cover, and my well-worn Bible now looks dignified." - J.W. (February 2022)

"Great cover!!! definitely useful in service. And I like that it fits a bit snug, makes the cover not be bulky at all. Would recommend to everyone, to take care of your Bible." - L.G. (January 2020)