Did you recently purchase a printable or digital convention notebook, assembly notebook, meeting notebook, or another file? Although it is beyond the scope of our customer service to provide support for devices and 3rd party software, we have a few tips and suggestions to point you in the right direction.


How do I download my PDF file?

You can find your download link in your order history. Click here for more information.

I can't print my PDF notebook. Can you help?

There are a host of different reasons why you could be having trouble printing, including:

  1. out of paper
  2. out of ink
  3. problems with your printer driver
  4. software issues with the particular PDF program you're using
  5. hardware issues with the printer itself

Unfortunately, it's not within the scope of our customer service to provide technical support on printing.

  • If you're using Acrobat DC to view/print, please check Adobe Acrobat's website for support.
  • If you're using some other software to view/print, please consult the technical support section of that particular software's site for help.

How do I save notes in my digital notebook?

The digital notebook is a fillable PDF. It needs to be saved to your device, then opened in a compatible PDF reader app so that you can edit and save your notes. (Make sure you save changes regularly while taking notes.)

Please note: If your web browser shows you a preview of the file immediately after clicking the download link, that is not the downloaded file! Some browsers will preview the file first without actually downloading it. Please save the file to your device, then open the saved file in the app of your choice.

It is beyond the scope of our support to provide technical support for your device. Please visit the following links for information on saving the file:

For other devices/web browsers please consult its support site.

Can I share my download with my friends?

No. Unless otherwise stated, all of our downloads are for your personal use only. If your friends would like a copy, you can point them to our website.