There are many reasons why you might need to edit information on the checkout page. Here are some tips to help you out.


How do I edit my shipping address? - Paying with PayPal

PayPal has a feature where it "confirms" your shipping address. If you pay with PayPal, you will need to double-check the shipping address in the PayPal window. If your address is wrong on the checkout page, click "edit" next to payment and re-connect to PayPal.

In the PayPal window, you will see the default shipping address at the top. Click "change" next to the address to edit it. After returning to our checkout page, your address should be correct. (More information: My order has the wrong shipping address. Can you change it?)

If you are using the PayPal option but paying with Credit/Debit instead of signing into a PayPal account, the address will still overwrite your address. If your shipping and billing address are different, we recommend signing into your paypal account, or paying directly on our website with VISA/MasterCard.

I entered something wrong at checkout, can I change it without starting over?

Yes! All the information you entered at checkout can be edited. On the summary page (before clicking "pay...") you will see a list of your information. If something is incorrect, click "edit" next to it and make any necessary adjustments.

If the shipping address will not let you edit it, you likely chose to pay with PayPal. If your address is "confirmed with PayPal" it must be edited in the PayPal window. (See the previous question above.)

Can I remove a product from my order without starting over?

Yes! At any point, you can change the products in your order. Read on to find out how.

  • On Desktop: on a computer, your products will appear on the right-hand side of the page. You can remove products by clicking the "x" or adjusting quantities.
  • On Mobile: on a smaller screen, the products in your order can be viewed by clicking the total price at the top right. Your order contents will appear from the bottom of the screen. Remove products by clicking the "x" or by adjusting quantities.