We all love surprises: A gift from a spouse, an unexpected call from an old friend, or an exciting announcement. These are all welcome surprises. But it's safe to say that unforeseen expenses are not a welcome surprise.

As of April 2023, Ministry Ideaz is paying the duty and import tax on your behalf for most destinations. As such, you will see an "international levy" charge at checkout. This cuts down on unexpected expenses and helps you better budget and plan ahead. You will know the final charge when you place your order — no more extra duty due on delivery.

Don't see an "international levy" at checkout? If you live in the USA, there is no international levy. (Note: your order still comes from Ecuador.)

What if my order arrives, and the shipping company charges me for import?

If your order arrives and you are charged import fees, please contact us. If you already paid the international levy at checkout, we will reimburse you.