Indeed, we offer free shipping! 

  • to the USA and Canada for orders over US$49,
  • to International destinations for orders over US$200

Furthermore, in order to qualify, you must order only shippable items and not downloadable items. (i.e. The $49/$200 threshold must be met with regards to items that will actually come in the mail). 

Not sure if you qualify? In your shopping cart, enter your information under "calculate shipping." A message will appear to let you know how to qualify for free shipping.

For example*, you might see:

WAIT! Add US$2.50 to your cart to qualify for free shipping

From time to time we also have free shipping on smaller orders and to other countries. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive emails when we have these kinds of sales.

*Note: the message you see may be different depending on your location and the amount already in your shopping cart.