We deeply appreciate our customers, especially those who collaborate and combine their orders to benefit from our bulk order discounts. Here is a clear breakdown of the discounts we offer:

1. Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on qualifying orders. Grouping together to place a larger order not only helps you save but also allows us to serve you efficiently. This free shipping offer is our little way of saying "thanks."

2. Individual Product Bulk Discounts

Many of our items have discounts when buying in bulk. These deals vary by product, so please check the details on each product page for the applicable bulk discount.

3. Order Total Discounts

When your cart value hits certain thresholds, you are entitled to added discounts:

Order Total% Savings
over $50010%
over $100020%

Don't worry about applying any codes — our shopping cart will automatically deduct the appropriate discount during checkout. All the above discounts will stack, maximizing your overall savings!

Please Remember: We kindly request you refrain from soliciting orders at the Kingdom Hall or any other congregation gathering.

4. Email Coupons:

Finally, don’t forget to subscribe for coupons and never miss out on our exclusive deals.

Additionally, if you're interested in larger bulk orders, do consider our reseller program.