The short answer: it is a better option for our customers compared to returning items to our warehouse in Ecuador.

But, the package came from Florida. Why can't I return it there?

It is important to clarify where your order is actually coming from and why. Our warehouse is located in Ecuador (not Florida). To save our customers on shipping costs we ship a batch of orders, all in one large box, from Ecuador to a freight forwarding company in the States. This company receives the batches of packages and transfers them into the USPS postal system for delivery to their final destinations. (Learn more about our shipping process on our blog.) That is why you see the forwarding company's Florida address on your package. However, the shipping provider with the Florida address has no official connection with our company other than bulk mail forwarding. There is no way that they can receive returns on our behalf.

Instead of having orders returned all the way to Ecuador, we have a box number set up in Canada (where the owners are from) to receive the returns. This helps save our customers money on postage since returning to our warehouse in Ecuador is considerably more expensive.

  • Ecuador = warehouse
  • Florida = freight forwarding company
  • Canada = address for receiving returns

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