We can understand that you might be apprehensive about purchasing from a company that is new to you. We would love to do business with you, and we hope that the comments and reviews from other customers that have posted to our site give us added "merit" and "trust" from your viewpoint. Furthermore, if you pay with a credit card, you have added assurance since your credit card company has consumer-protection policies in place to protect you from scams. Also, our company had to undergo a lengthy and rigorous application process just to be approved to accept such credit cards.

Although it's rare, from time to time we get requests from potential customers for the personal information of other members in our community, such as elders in our congregations. Please understand that federal protection of privacy laws prohibit us from giving out the names and private phone numbers of anyone not related to the business. Our faith is a private matter and not a business activity. Our worship and our business are two separate entities and we will not mix these. For example, when we are at work, we do not start with morning worship, nor do we pray at business meetings. And at the end of a working day, we do not carry on with our business activities in our personal and spiritual lives, such as at the Christian meetings and in the Christian ministry. Work is one thing; worship is another. This is an important distinction between our faith and our business.

If you bought something from a non-Witness store such as Walmart, you probably wouldn't be able to phone up the owner to get the name of his minister to find out if he's in good standing in the community. If you have any reservations about buying from a company whose owners you have not met, we can understand. At the same time, we invite you to read what our customers have said in the past. Each product has a link where you can read the reviews entered there. Also, we invite you to read the feedback on these other websites that review online stores. These are not edited by us: