Ministry Ideaz ships all our products directly to over 180 countries. We strongly discourage the use of freight forwarding services. Instead, please have it delivered directly to you at your actual address. This will also result in shipping cost savings, as you'll only be paying for shipping once. Generally, shipping with UPS to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean is only marginally more expensive than shipping to a freight forwarder in the USA who must in turn ship it to you. Furthermore, using a freight forwarder to ship items internationally may result in complications not covered by Ministry Ideaz. About Freight ForwardersIf a freight forwarding service is used to ship items internationally, the following applies:

  • Ministry Ideaz won't be responsible for damage, defect, material difference, or loss that occurs to goods after they're delivered to you or a freight forwarder. This means that Ministry Ideaz isn't able to provide a replacement or a refund for any shipment taken outside of the U.S. by using a freight forwarding service.

  • If you (or a freight forwarder you so designate) have a U.S. address, purchase goods from to be shipped to a U.S. location, and then subsequently export these goods, you or the designated freight forwarder are considered the exporter of these goods. You or the designated freight forwarder are solely responsible for compliance with all export and import regulations, including all U.S. export regulations and the import regulations of the destination country. Ministry Ideaz must not be listed on any export documentation (e.g., export declarations, invoices, packing lists, air waybills, etc.). It is your responsibility to ensure the freight forwarder's most up-to-date U.S. address is used.

  • If you do not have a U.S. residence and purchase goods from to be shipped to a U.S. location, you or the designated freight forwarder may not subsequently export the goods without prior written authorization from Ministry Ideaz.