It says "Label Created"

Sometimes, it takes time for your tracking number to be scanned for the first time. Don't worry if you see "label created" for a day or two after it has shipped. Your tracking information should be updated soon.

What if it is more than a few days? It's possible your order is still on the way, but not being scanned. If your order does not arrive within the delivery timeframe, you can contact us. More information: What if my order didn't arrive when expected?

It says "On the Way"

UPS tracking only shows the basic information on the main page. To see all updates, please click the link "View Details" and select the tab "Shipment Progress". This will tell you where your package is and where it is going.

When there is an update

Shipment update

If you see an update warning, click "View Details". Some packages go with a combination of UPS expedited and UPS ground. Sometimes they will provide a new tracking number partway through the journey. If you see "Update" check the shipment details to see if UPS has issued a new tracking number for your package.

You can also check the "Shipment Progress" tab for more information.

Click "View Details"

Click "Shipment Progress"

Check if there is a new tracking number