Sometimes typos or errors happen, even when meticulously checking your information at checkout. We would love to help in any way we can. We can help you add a product you missed, remove a product, or cancel an order. Sadly, an address change may not be as simple. After you click "Pay" your address is considered "confirmed" and cannot be edited in your order. It is very important to double-check and then triple-check that the address shown on the final review page is accurate.

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What can I do if the shipping address is incorrect?

Contact us immediately if you notice that your shipping address is incorrect. (Click here to contact us.) We will do what we can to help. Hopefully, if your order has not shipped, we can request a manual change on the shipping label. However, in some cases, it could be too late. Remember to triple-check your shipping address, as shown on the review page before you click "Pay". (Learn what our policy is for incorrectly addressed orders.)

Possible reasons your address was entered incorrectly

Ministry Ideaz staff are not able to change the address attached to your order. The software blocks that functionality because it considers the address "confirmed" by you at checkout. So the address you see in your confirmation email is the address that was submitted with your order. There are a few things to watch out for when placing your order. Sometimes it's not just a typo that leads to wrong information sent with your order.

1. Quick Checkout

If you already have a Ministry Ideaz account, you may have one or more addresses saved in your account. To make checkout simpler, the checkout page will have your default address pre-entered.

Always review the information on the checkout page before you submit your order. Click "edit" next to anything that is incorrect and make necessary adjustments.

If you have old information saved in your account, consider deleting it in your account information on (go to "My Account" > "Manage your shipping addresses").

2. PayPal Address

PayPal checkout examplePayPal requires you to confirm your shipping address with them. They will overwrite whatever was entered on our checkout page with the address you confirm in the PayPal window.

Usually, this is the default shipping address used in your PayPal account. However, in the PayPal window, you have the option to select a different saved address or add a new address.

To the right is an example of what you might see. (Note: depending on your location and payment selection, the actual PayPal window may not look the same.) At the top, there is an address listed. Double-check that your default address in PayPal is correct and click "change" if you are shipping to a different address. The address entered here will overwrite what you previously entered on the checkout page.

If you choose "PayPal" and use a credit or debt card instead of signing in to a PayPal account the address you enter will still override the address on our website. If your billing and shipping address are not the same we recommend paying directly on our website with VISA/MasterCard. Or contact us for assistance.

3. Browser Auto-fill

If you have used other addresses in the past (including on other websites) your browser may have them saved in its auto-fill settings. Of course, auto-fill is meant to make things easier. However, if we're not careful, it is easy to miss an auto-filled error. Here is a possible scenario:

Jane Doe orders a new tract holder. She meticulously fills in all her shipping details. Although her browser suggests an address for her to enter, she does not select it because she has moved and that address is incorrect. The last thing she needs to enter on the page is her phone number. Since her phone number did not change when she moved, Jane uses her browser's suggestion and auto-fills the phone number. Oops. Her browser enters all the information connected with that phone number and overwrites the address with old incorrect information.

Not all browsers will save information in this way, but if you choose to use any type of auto-filled information, pay close attention to every field on the page. Make sure the information you have entered is still correct.

Double-check, then triple-check

We can all agree that having an up-to-date and accurate shipping address is essential for a smooth experience. That is why we have multiple opportunities to review the information you send us. The best way to make sure that the information is accurate is to follow these steps:

  1. Check your address is accurately entered before you save the address (If using PayPal, make sure the address in PayPal is correct)
  2. Double-check the shipping address on the review page and only click "Pay..." when you can confirm that it is correct
  3. Finally, triple-check the information in your confirmation email. (Note: the confirmation email is automatically populated with the information you entered at checkout. This provides you an extra chance to see your information in case you missed something on the checkout page.)

If you made an error, please contact us as soon as possible. We can only operate on the understanding that the information sent to us was accurate and up-to-date. If an order enters the shipping process, we may not be able to stop it and you will be responsible for the related costs.