Our Policy on Shipping, Customer Responsibility, and Address-related Problems

Ministry Ideaz is a small family-run business dedicated to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. Your order comes all the way from Ecuador where we manufacture and handcraft our products. (More about us here). Unlike large online retailers with extensive resources, we operate with limited resources and a narrow profit margin. We value each customer and strive to address any issues that may arise, always striving to find a fair resolution. In regards to address problems, we have the following policy for misdirected packages due to customer neglect:

1. Customer Responsibility: It is the customer's responsibility to provide accurate and complete shipping information at the time of purchase. We kindly request customers to carefully verify their address details to avoid any delivery complications. The customer is required to verify the address as entered on the order page, and also in the order confirmation email.

2. Shipping Process: Once an order is placed, our team diligently processes and ships it to the address provided by the customer. We work with reliable shipping services to ensure safe and timely delivery. We do not arbitrarily change the address entered. Indeed it is not even possible for us to change an address with the automatic shipping label generation system we use.

3. Stolen Orders: We recognize the unfortunate reality of porch piracy and the impact it can have on our customers. If a customer's order is stolen from their doorstep, we empathize with the situation and will provide a reshipment as a gesture of goodwill. Customers are kindly requested to promptly contact our customer support team with relevant details and documentation to initiate the refund process. We also encourage you to contact the local police authorities.

4. Customer Neglect: In cases where the package is delivered to the wrong address due to customer negligence, such as providing an old address, an incorrect address, or an incomplete address, we regretfully cannot provide a refund or reshipment. We strongly urge customers to be diligent in verifying their shipping details to avoid such situations. We sometimes make exceptions on a ‘case-by-case’ basis. If your package got lost due to an incorrect address being entered at checkout, please contact us with the details to see if there is some exception we can make.

But isn‘t the order simply going to return to your office in Ecuador?

No. We understand that when purchasing from companies based in the USA, the common practice is for returned packages to be sent back to the originating company in cases of undeliverable or "return to sender" situations. However, as an international company based in Ecuador, our shipments undergo overseas delivery and customs processes in order to arrive at your door. This necessarily presents a different set of circumstances, and if an incorrect address is provided during the order process, this results in significant challenges for us in delivering your package. Packages simply cannot come back to us all the way to Ecuador. If a package is undeliverable due to an incorrect address entered, it's simply gone for good.